The story of this Plan B is a paradigm of a successful plan A, away from the conventional definitions of an alternate plan. Plan B was born with the idea of creating an abode of finger-licking-delicious food and comfortable ambience.

Colours create energetic influence on the conscious and the subconscious; the emotional connection to food is established with bright and happy colours in the right shades and tints. The attractiveness of Red in food packaging and design is incomparable. The colour evokes tastebuds and kindles appetite.

The colour red is used to accentuate the title and attract attention. Plan B engulfs cutlery forms to captivate thoughts of food and intensify them. The simplicity of the font and the colour make it more charming. The logo is the attractive identity of a piquant story.

Packing material, posters, and the collaterals of communication echo the design and colour in vibrancy and dazzle. Food is about eating healthy and feeling good at the same time. Plan B redefines the experience of tasty food, making it the enriched plan A.


Plan B

Brand Identity
Packaging Design

After all, life is all about how we handle Plan B.