Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Rasadnya is a brand of spices and a blend of spices. The taste belongs to the India of the pre-independence era. Once a homemade delight, it has created an identity and become a common household name. A preferred favourite of chefs, Rasadnya originates from the Sanskrit language.

Our performance needed a detailed study of the tradition, revisiting the past, touring the place of origin, and interacting with the makers and the pioneers of the taste. Shooting at the ancient villa, where the idea originated, was a euphoric experience. It was like a time travel in the world of spices.

The handpicked spices create a symphony of the beautiful fragrances. They are the taste makers and the taste enhancers. The design needed to be in sync with the story of Rasadnya. Calligraphy and colours have created a refreshing flow that the spices add to our food.

The insight of Rasadnya as a product company is to become a generic brand name. We tried to deliver a look and feel that will create a place in the heart of the consumers as much as the masalas tingle our taste buds.

An experience was born, and a new tale, written with research, creativity, and imagination.