Vyom Kalā is about celebrating the rich heritage of the art of quilt making. The organisation was established with the aspiration of preserving the archaic form, providing livelihood to the needy, and annexing the merchandise to the urban living.

The products are designed by the skilful masters of art, handcrafted with the finest quality of natural fabrics by the artisans, and have a multitude of utilities in the modern lifestyle.

The logo was designed to coherently link with the art and the purpose of the organisation. The signature-like impression creates an impact of a personal touch in social responsibility which invokes the all-inclusive development and encourages participation. Photographs highlight the multiple uses of the same product. The intention behind an idea creates an ecosystem that initiates a life of purpose.


Vyom Kalā



Brand Identity

The genesis of the institution of faith and devotion becomes a parable of inspiration on completion.